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The project Life Science Zurich is a joint initiative of the University of Zurich and the ETH Zurich designed to combine the resources of the University and the ETH and to use their synergies optimally. The goal is to strengthen the existing core competences as well as acquire additional ones with a view to maintaining a leading position in many areas of the life sciences. Another important goal of Life Science Zurich is to improve the communication of Life Sciences activities, both internally and externally.

Local and international scientists, political and economic representatives, University and ETH alumni, and tomorrow's university students are informed regularly about the ongoing activities, know-how, and future projects of Life Science Zurich. The meaning and possible repercussions of new research findings in the Life Sciences are brought to the attention of the media and the general public.

Life Science Zurich seeks an exchange of ideas, both internally and externally. Its activities, from research to communication, are not only a contribution towards a strong Life Sciences community, but also a contribution towards an open, internationally attractive, and lively Zurich.